TRAVELLERS’ SITE: Now he’s riding roughshod over Gedney

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Having driven past the exclusive gated estate by Holbeach on many occasions (travellers’ site – ed), I have never for the life of me been able to understand how the project cost £1.2M, or thereabouts.

Now, thanks to the comments made in the local press by South Holland District councillor Roger Gambba-Jones it has suddenly become clear.

The site is for people with “privileged Status!”

As such it is safe to assume they have state of the art sprinkler systems and under-soil heating to ensure the lawns are immaculate and they have a high-tech alarm with direct links to SWAT teams, should intruders chance their arm.

Now, Mr Gambba-Jones: he was heavily involved with the site at Holbeach – circa £102,000 per pitch; and the Red Lion Quarter – cost millions to be built and sold for a bag of magic beans.

Now he is sailing roughshod over the people of Gedney and planning to build another exclusive settlement for people with “privileged status,” in the midst of their community.

Now here is the rub. Roger and his cronies spent two thirds of their budget at Holbeach which leaves them circa £600,000 to complete the final two sites.

If we pro rate the cost of a pitch at Holbeach, we can see that they only have enough cash for six pitches, unless they drop the standard and specification of the remaining sites, dramatically.

Councillor Porter (councilo leader) has assured the public the two remaining sites will be completed within budget. But people of “privileged status” can be quite selfish and demanding, so they are most likely to claim some sort of “ism” or infringement to their human rights if they don’t get what they perceive to be their entitlement.

Quite a conundrum for the council it would seem but not to worry, I am confident that if it all ends in tears, nobody will be to blame and Jolly Roger and the crew will sail off into the sunset, with their jobs and reputations intact.

P Manley

Long Sutton