TRANSPORT: Will something be done about this road?

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When the A16 Spalding to Peterborough bypass was opened, I was one of the first to raise my concerns on the layout of the road, the old Radar Corner etc and how many lives would be lost.

I was told by The Highways Department in reply to one of my letters in your papers, that they had carried out a survey on the road.

If my memory serves me correctly this was carried out before the road was even opened. I’m willing to be corrected.

I do understand whatever safety measures that are put in place, careless drivers will still find ways of abusing it and putting other innocent lives at risk.

What is the main problem, apart from the drivers, a procession of lorries, cars, white vans etc. This continues on all the routes from Spalding to Peterborough or visa versa. That’s when the idiots, sorry drivers, start weaving in and out of the traffic. Guess what? You catch them up at the next junction. Today’s drivers don’t know what the words patience, indicators etc mean.

Money should not have come into question when lives are put at risk. It should have been a dual carriageway or at the least, passing places after each junction.

Can the person who designed this race track stand up and now be counted.

I was a regular user of the road, but I’m glad to say, I use it less frequently now, but I still arrive home shaking at some of the stunts the drivers pull on this road.

Again I’m asking, is something going to soon be done about this road, before it claims even more lives?

David Barfoot

via email