TRANSPORT: How many deaths will there be?

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I was extremely sad to hear the news of the death of Marcel Banom who died as a result of a motorbike accident on the A16 last week involving a lorry and a left-hand drive vehicle. His name is now added to the list of fatal accidents on this relatively new road which cost over £80 million.

The A16 has replaced the previous A16 running from Market Deeping to Spalding which is now the A1175; the new A16 was built promoting easier and quicker connectivity linking Spalding with Peterborough.

Sections of the new A16 replaced the dangerous A1073 which was known for having become increasingly dangerous over the years because traffic usage had increased. The A1073 was narrow with many blind corners and slopes, and much of it was on an embankment with deep ditches either side and no run-off areas.

There were dangerous junctions, particularly with the B1443 between Peakirk and Thorney, which formed a staggered crossroads. The A1073 was a principal route servicing the food-processing industry in Spalding, bringing in supplies and moving products to the supermarket distribution system to the south so now the A16 replaces that connection and all the slow moving traffic is using the A16.

I often question the decision to make the A16 single carriageway knowing the traffic locally was increasing, knowing the road is likely to be used by slow moving vehicles, namely lorries and tractors.

I seldom use the road because I find it so slow and frustrating to use; and frustration causes accidents.

I don’t want to drive at 90mph. However I would like to be able to use the road at a consistent 60mph and use the road risk-free. Because of the dangers and frustrations with the A16 I now avoid this road and continue to use the A1175 (the old A16) as there are fewer slow moving vehicles on this road and fewer accidents.

On occasions I have used the A1073 which runs parallel to the A16 – quite often I can do that route and get home much quicker and safer than if I were using the A16.

I feel that due to the amount of fatalities that eventually we will see the addition of speed safety cameras on the A16 – this wouldn’t be necessary and wouldn’t stop the fatalities occurring.

I’m convinced that accidents aren’t related to speed.Most of the accidents I’m sure are because of the slow moving traffic, left hand drive vehicles and slow farm machinery; road users are happy to abide by the rules and drive 60mph – however the A16 can often force you to drive at half that speed and become part of a half-mile queue of slow moving traffic.

I feel the only way to decrease the accidents and improve the road would be to widen the road to allow for easier overtaking such as many of the roads in Southern Ireland or make the A16 a dual carriageway which I’m sure if researched correctly at the time would have better served the community and could have possibly prevented the number of deaths on this dangerous road.

How many more deaths have to happen on the A16 before something is done?

Mark Street

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