TRAIN PRICES: The trick is to buy two sets of tickets

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Your writer S Thompson was querying the price of a ticket from Spalding to Birminham International for travel on Saturday, November 24.

Using Saturday, December 1 for the same journey, the cost is still £49.80 for a day return from Spalding to Birmingham International.

The trick, however, is to buy two separate sets of tickets. The first from Spalding to Peterborough will cost £7.50 for a day return and the second from Peterborough to Birmingham International will cost £31, also for a day return. The total cost by doing it this way is £38.50 and saves £11.30 on the original fare of £49.80.

Like your writer, I have no idea why this is either. Perhaps East Midlands Trains who operate the Spalding to Peterborough line, Cross Country Trains who operate the Peterborough to Birmingham International line, and the train operating companies who oversee both lines and the National Rail website would like to come into print and explain to S Thompson and me this strange anomaly!

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road