TRAFFIC WARDENS: Keep up the good work chaps

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In response to Mr Williams’ comments in the Spalding Guardian, April 11.

My reply to that is don’t blame the traffic wardens.

The town has been a free-for-all for the illegal parkers for so long and has affected town businesses because you could never find a space to park if you only wanted to pop into town for a short time.

So I say, along with many others, hooray to the traffic wardens – they do bring benefits to those who want short stay parking, it is keeping our traffic moving more freely and it is supporting our local businesses.

If people want to be in the town for a longer stay, whether it be bank holidays or any other day, we do have ample pay and display car parks, so why not use them?

So keep up the good work all you traffic wardens.

S Harris

Bourne Road