TRAFFIC: Traffic lights are not always the best way

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I have recently experienced what can only be described as a miraculous event on the roads in Spalding.

It was Wednesday (November 27) and the time 8.45am.

I was driving from the Park Road area over the Winsover Road railway crossing and passed through every set of traffic lights without stopping.

There were no queues of traffic, drivers were courteously giving way to fellow road users and there was no confusion.

The reason for this free flowing traffic event was traffic light maintenance which required the lights to be turned off.

I travelled the same route the following day and the lights had been turned on and the usual chaos had returned!

I recall experiencing a similar event a couple of years ago at the same location.

Many readers will recall the dramatic improvements in traffic flow when the lights were removed from the roundabouts at both ends of John Adams Way in Boston.

I am aware that our local councillors are concerned about the traffic flows through the town and I hope they will be able to persuade county councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways and transport, to encourage his officers to accept that traffic lights are not always the best way to improve traffic flow.

Dave Reddin