TRAFFIC: This accident spot could be erased for good

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Yet again today I drove by an accident between the main road into Moulton Seas End and the exit from River Lane onto this stretch of road.

These events are quite frequent and I have a simple solution to save drivers being involved in accidents at this T-junction, to save time in car repairs and ave the stress caused by impacts.

All it needs is to make River Lane one-way from Seas End Road and exit onto the Holbeach main road. People leaving Seas End can go along River Lane but then not come back down River Lane..

It is a matter of a couple of minutes’ drive and this would save countless bumps ,some more serious than others.

It is impossible to see along the Seas End Road when trying to vacate River Lane. Police time would be saved too.

This accident spot can be erased for good with just the cost of a couple of signposts and a two-man job for a few hours and some possible road markings .

Come on Highways Department. Please do this to save more accidents. Make our country lanes safer for all users.

Sandie Budd

Moulton Seas End