TRAFFIC: Santa baby, slip a new junction in for me...

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Having recently sat again in the car at Peppermint Junction near Holbeach – yes, that one – waiting in traffic to get out onto the A17 and just seeing a near accident our council officials say doesn’t happen, I wonder if I can put a request into Santa now.

Dispatch reads as follows:

“Dear Santa, I wonder if you can see your way clear to helping us out with a roundabout at Peppermint Junction, near Holbeach – you must know it as you whizz along it on Christmas Eve, going at a safe speed limit of course, although less considerate don’t.

“I am not asking for anything that plugs into the mains or runs on batteries, just a pile of road-making stuff plus a gang of lads with tea making kit and shovels to sort it out and if you can cut out all the paper rubber stampers, shufflers and committees along the way it could be bought in under budget as all is required is a round bit sticking in along the straight bit in technical terms.

“Word has filtered through that when Japan had an earthquake last year they managed to rebuild a section of motorway in less than a week but then they didn’t perhaps have paper rubber stampers, shufflers and committees along the way to contend with as they perhaps just on with the job.

“Not much to ask and it would be used by everybody plus it would save Holbeach from crumbling away as lorries go through town to avoid the junction.

“If you can’t manage it please can I have a helicopter so I don’t have to use Peppermint Junction.”

John Ward

Moulton Seas End