TRAFFIC: Road signs are not a strong deterrent

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Being quite ancient and having lived in Holbeach St Johns all my life, I would like to make my comments on the speeding saga in the village.

The first forms of transport I remember are walking, cycling and pony and trap. These seemed a safe and contented way of travel then, though I suppose you could fall off a bicycle or the pony could bolt. We seemed contented then because we did not know or dream of anything else. That was our lot.

We cannot stop change and progress, though this can cause problems as well, hence the present speeding problem.

We all know the saying, that ‘roads do not cause accidents but drivers do’.

Roads have corners, sharp bends, junctions, etc, but competent drivers will drive accordingly.

I do not think road signs are a strong enough deterrent. Some drivers see road signs but do not take in what it says. Some drivers see road signs, take it in, but do not give a damn. Some drivers see, take it in and drive accordingly.

The best deterrent has already been mentioned, speed bumps and/or road narrowing. Sadly this means the majority would suffer because of the minority.

Walter Hilliam

Holbeach St Johns