TRAFFIC: Is Whaplode’s Mill Lane the new Santa Pod?

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Is Mill Lane, Whaplode the new Santa Pod? Seems like it.

Ever since the main road through Whaplode was altered to a 30mph speed limit, and with the camera, Mill Lane has become more like a race track than a residential lane.

There are plenty of warning signs either end of the main road and through the village lanes for motorists to be aware of the speed limits, but sadly some drivers ignore these signs and race through the lane at alarming speeds from early morning to late in the evening during the week and at weekends.

It is very frightening and one fears for the safety of other road users. Do these speeders not consider anybody else?

This is a residential area and also has a junior school.

Many of the children of the village cycle and it is a concern for parents as their safety is most important.

Come on you inconsiderate motorists and think about your speed. Nobody wants to be involved in an accident.

Finally, a note of thanks to our local councillors who pushed for the 30mph limit on the main road.

Thank you for giving these inconsiderate motorists the freedom to flaunt the limits without the fear of being caught, as there are no cameras along Mill Lane.

Tony Westland