TRACTOR DRIVERS: How about a thank you when we pull over?

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With the potato harvest now in full swing, it is putting more farm traffic on the roads which cannot be helped as the job has to be done.

Us tractor drivers appreciate the frustration of other drivers and do our best to help all traffic pass, but it works both ways.

We need a little bit of common sense and consideration from all drivers.

We pull over whenever practical, but at the same time we can’t do so every 100 yards. Blowing hooters and sticking two fingers up does not help, it only makes the situation worse.

It’s no use us arguing for tractor lanes, that’s not going happen. Our Goverment, bless them, can spend billions of pounds on a fast H2 train to get us to Birmingham ten minutes quicker while our roads are full of pot holes and gridlocked.

So I ask all drivers to be considerate and patient to make the best of a frustrating situation.

I am sure I speak for 99 per cent of tractor drivers, so when we are able to pull over safely how about a thank you wave, it makes all the difference, and makes our day.

Roy Congreve