Toys are out of the pram again

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Once again councillor Roger Gambba-Jones has over reacted to people’s views and opinions in a typical dictator style, firstly his reaction over a genuine complaint over the condition of the Sheep Market toilet facilities by a reader.

Secondly the toys are out the pram again by a gesture of throwing down the gauntlet over views and opinions over the new welcome to Spalding signs.

I did suggest in a previous letter that sponsors could have been sought after to fund a project to replace the old signs with something that related to our market town that would show visitors how proud we are of our heritage.

Perhaps a little more thought was required, but I do understand that funds are limited and I did say how I appreciated the response from the Town Centre Forum Committee, albeit it with a possible temporary replacement.

I did not criticise Coun Gambba-Jones, but I do think he has taken things rather personally and there was no negative or spiteful comments in my letter, his words not mine, but my opinion.

Also he agrees that something better could be put in place, so why not wait a bit longer and get the project right?

As far as the community fund raising is concerned, I think taxpayers’ money has already been spent, but I do understand elected local councillors were allocated an allowance of £3,000 of which they could spend on a project in their represented ward, eg. park benches , litter bins, etc, that would benefit the ward and its community.

Councillors could have surveyed the community and asked for opinions on spending part of this allowance on the’ welcome project.’

This would have been a community lead project, driven by the local councillor with funds that were already available to use.

I do understand in this day and age it is hard to please everybody, but as Coun Gambba-Jones puts it ‘he does not mind taking the flak’.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road, Spalding