Town is a desert for good quality English cuisine

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I read with some dismay that the Sage Restaurant is to close due to lack of support.

This restaurant is the only good thing to come out of the debacle which is the Red Lion development, a development which was supposedly conceived to champion our local Lincolnshire producers, most of whom were never consulted about such a hair brained scheme.

Since Clarkes restaurant in Cley Hall Hotel closed Spalding had once again become a desert as far as good quality English cuisine.

We have one good Italian and a couple of good Indian restaurants but after that mediocrity is the order of the day.

If we have visiting VIPs to our business and an evening meal is called for The Sage was an excellent advert for Spalding. Now it means a trip to Stamford or the newly-opened Chequers at Gedney Dyke to get any sort of quality.

Deep fried, straight out of the freezer are two a penny in the local Spalding pubs but ask for freshly cooked local produce prepared with some imagination... no chance.

Robert Oldershaw

Hall Gate