TOWN HOPES: Embarrassed by the amount of rubbish here

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With reference to your article in last week’s Free Press, regarding lifting the dark clouds of gloom over Spalding. The public might like new and varied shops, the council talk of a new town centre manager and possible new development around the Holland Market area.

However, even if all these things were achieved it would not change the fact that Spalding is one of the dirtiest

and litter strewn towns I have known.

I invited my family from London to Spalding for Christmas and I was appalled and embarrassed at the state of the streets, in particular the length of Pinchbeck road,

the riverbank walk into town and Holbeach Road towards Springfields.

My husband and I litter picked West Elloe Avenue this week and collected nearly five black bags of cans, bottles and food containers.

Maybe instead of fantasizing about employing a town centre manager, the council would be better employing dedicated litter pickers constantly out on the streets.

Unless of course litter picking is built into the town centre manager’s job description.

At the moment litter picking is not carried out unless it is reported. This is not satisfactory.

Please South Holland District Councillors, walk your wards, see the state of the streets and do something about it.

Liz Petts

West Elloe Avenue