Town has been taken over in the 14 years I’ve lived here

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well done Malcom Manning (Guardian letters, January 26) – like you I am in disgust at going into Spalding.

Like you say, the eastern Europeans are opening way too many shops, encouraging late night drinking and lots of trouble.

But my main worry is that they say they are leaving their countries because they are scared etcetera, but yet they get help to open shops that encourage more trouble.

Then the money they make gets sent back to their countries, not back into our communities.

Whilst on the point I think it is sad when there are youngsters just starting to talk and all they are picking up is the foreign languages.

This is bad as we are in England, we want our children to talk English. I have lived in Spalding for 14 years now and it has drastically been taken over.

Please Spalding English people, speak up. Let’s get our views forward, we need our town and country back.

England is not England any more. Why should we have to live with our lives being ruined?


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