TOWN COUNCIL: Don’t let them hoodwink the electorate

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I read in last week’s Lincs Free Press that devolution as in Scotland, might be coming to Spalding. This will be discussed at a meeting of Spalding Town Forum, which is composed of district councillors, business and civic leaders.

My first thoughts are, will what is happening nationally be transposed locally. It has been announced by our PM that what Scotland has been promised will also be given to England. Will the same also happen between Spalding and Crowland?

If Spalding is going to have a parish council, will its residents also have £33.77 per month added to their rates, or if they are not to pay it, to maintain parity will I have £33.77 removed from mine? It also states a third of the population of Spalding are not represented democratically, and suggest a parish council in Spalding might rectify this.

We have a parish council in Crowland, but we don’t have democracy. Few of its councillors have been elected on any kind of mandate, and I understand from a friend of mine all of Crowlands allotment holders are to be thrown off their allotments for some self-satisfying scheme from the councillors to erect houses and a wind turbine.

Nobody in Crowland elected councillors with that kind of mandate – in fact I can’t remember when we elected any councillors. That’s not democracy, that’s dictatorship.

So are the people of Spalding being hoodwinked into believing a free (don’t be fooled, you’ll have to pay) parish council will bring you democracy. It doesn’t in Crowland.

Jane Bishop