TOWN CENTRE MANAGER: I cannot see the benefits of position

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I have difficulty understanding the benefits of a town centre manager for Spalding.

Given the failure of previous initiatives, can someone please provide us with clear cost/benefit analysis before over £200,000 of our hard-earned money is spent?

As to Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones’ comment: “We need to lose the word bandstand because what is planned is a performance area.”

Was his comment taken out of context or is he seriously suggesting that changing a label is the most important issue here?

If it’s the latter, you might wish to reconsider his competence when he asks for your vote when next standing for council.

Am I alone for thinking that those responsible are spending our money based on a whim or failing to communicate justification for their decisions?

Either way, they appear to be derelict in their duties.

Andrew MacDonald