Torch relay was fantastic in Holbeach and atmosphere electric in Spalding

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More of your comments onthe Olympic flame journey

WHAT a fantastic turnout in Holbeach to receive the Olympic flame.

The street entertainment created a wonderful atmosphere and the police cars and the motorcycle outriders had great fun waving to the huge turnout and doing slapping handshakes as they rode by, which was great to see.

It was fantastic to see Sally Reddin, Stuart Storey and Geoff Capes too.

A big thank you to all that helped in the organisation and thank you to all the shopkeepers who allowed us to block their windows and doors.

Finally, thank you to Francis Biggadike and Nick Worth for giving Holbeach a day to remember.

Graham Johnson & Family

via email

• HOORAY for Holbeach. A big pat on the back for the organisers of Holbeach’s reception for the Olympic torch.

I have never seen Holbeach so crowded with good-natured people in the 26 years I have lived here, and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I have no interest in sport as such but I would not have missed it for the world. Well done.


Farrow Avenue


• I am not usually in the right place at the right time, but Winsover Road was the place to be last Wednesday morning for the Spalding leg of the torch relay.

Tri-bike riders gave out blow-up batons that the grammar school boys banged together to create an atmosphere.

Then came the police motorcyclists, followed by the convoy of support coaches and sponsors’ vehicles – with music and dancers inside and on the roofs.

This got everyone in the mood for the main event and the atmosphere was electric. The torches “kissed” at the bottom of Park Road and the runner and his grey security support were cheered along the road. Everyone was in a great mood and there was no pushing or shoving.

A real feel-good event.

D Davidson

Georgian Court


• I write in response to your paper’s photo gallery of the Olympic torch coming through Whaplode.

All that was in regarding Whaplode was a gazebo with several people enjoying a drink and food, whilst further back down High Road there were 200 plus people including children from Whaplode Primary School, shouting, waving and cheering.

I’m very disappointed for the school and the fact that my partner closed his business for the day to allow them to stand and watch in safety.


High Road