TOILETS: Why have you let them get so filthy?

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I have written to South Holland Council regarding the run-down state of the Sheepmarket public toilets in Spalding.

I bet these toilets will only get more and more run down and filthy.

I bet no effort will be made to get these public tgoilets up to a decent standard.

On August 19 I had the misfortune of negeding to use this public facility.

I remember these toilets as once being fresh and clean, with an attendant at the helm.

But now, unfortunately, these same toilets are run down and very unpleasant to use.

Even before entering the ladies toilets, the entrance door is dirty and grubby.

Now, on entering this public facility it is of a low-life-dive appearance, the premises are totally uncared for and unkempt.

How could the council allow such a massive drop in standards and have such a total disinterest in the public’s health and safety by leaving this dirty facility to stay open.

The ‘environmental health’ should be informed and an inspection made.

Hopefully the outcome will be to have these disgusting public toilets closed down.

The toilet cubicle was unclean and smelly, there was no toilet paper in the cubicle, the hook on the toilet door was broken, the toilet seat was not fitted properly and bolts were missing from the back of the basin.

What a disgrace that if visitors come to our lovely market town all they may remember is the run down, neglected and stinking toilets in the Sheepmarket.

D Stevens