To slam councillors and one PC for town’s problems is so harsh

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I just felt that I needed to comment on the letter (right) submitted by Dave Eason of Holbeach.

Firstly I would like to agree with Dave that the criminal actions of some are dragging the town down and something needs to be done.

Anti-Social Behaviour is a vast subject that is not completely defined by government legislation as to what is ASB to one person may not be ASB to another.

The majority of ASB is purported to be committed by youngsters in the town but is also committed by so-called “adults”.

What I would like to know from Dave is what he would suggest be done with the issues he has highlighted, ASB, metal theft and petty theft. To level the criticism mainly at a parish councillor and a single police officer is a bit harsh.

Ask Lincolnshire Police why the reactive police officers who are supposed to cover the Holbeach area are now working from Spalding.

More than likely these crimes are being committed by members of this community, who could be friends or relatives.

Is he aware that PC Braid is only one police officer dealing with all of Holbeach and certain surrounding villages?

Does he know the shift pattern that he works, how many earlies, lates and nightshifts he does a month?

So suggesting he drags himself out of bed is absolutely ridiculous.

PC Braid works a set shift pattern, with a certain amount of fluidity that enables him to react to crime trends that occur.

It is his commitment to his job that allows him to do this, not just because he “has to”.

Is he aware that PC Braid applied for the post of community beat officer because he cares for the community in which he lives and is raising his family?

Perhaps turning the lights off in certain areas will work, perhaps not, but if you don’t try you will never know.

Holbeach is a very small area to live in and rather than berating the services that already exist, parish councillors and the like, why not try and assist them?

I remember a few years ago when the cctv system was installed in the town that volunteers were advertised for to help monitor the cameras. I also remember that this was unable to happen due to public apathy.

I think that Dave maybe needs to join the Holbeach Community Panel in an attempt to solve the problems in the area rather than moaning about what can and can’t be done.

He could try manning the CCTV cameras or highlighting speeding issues maybe?

Yes, I am an ex-colleague of PC Braid and a serving police officer.

I also class him as a friend who has high moral values and a clear driven work ethic, who works extremely hard for the community.

Do me a favour Dave, give him a break!

Lee Wright