Time for a plan of action to improve town centre

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YOUR article ‘Enough Is Enough’ showing a picture of another astonishing Spalding ‘grot-spot’ requires South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire County Council to cobble a plan of action to stop it.

Appreciating that the drinks industry dictates Government policy rather than Government dictating drinks industry policy, I would hope John Hayes MP (and Minister) who is part of the government irresponsibility for the mess this town is in will finally get something done about it.

Alcohol should be treated in the same way as cigarettes and tobacco. The minimum unit price should be 99p. All containers should have plain packaging with warning signs about the dangers of alcohol abuse. They should have pictures of dead people’s diseased livers on them. Also everything should be hidden from view in supermarkets and behind closed cabinets in smaller shops, and raise the age of purchase.

Overnight, it would stop Spalding being the rowdy place it has now become. All town centre shops and businesses (excluding pubs but not entertainment venues) within the alcohol prohibited area in Spalding should have their drinks licences revoked immediately. All advertising in local publications banned.

Drug abuse should also be dealt with.

Instead of punishing the users, police and other authorities should concentrate on finding the dealers and get the courts to sentence them on conviction, to a minimum five years’ in prison and fine them upwards of £100,000 per conviction.

Cutting off the drug supply network is one sure way of curing the drugs problem here. If any sellers are foreign deport them and their families and get a reciprocal arrangement for a foreign Government to adhere to UK policy for jailing.

Should the Spalding ambulance station go, it’ll mean victims of alcohol will have to wait longer while ambulances arrive from other towns.

If the custody suite in Spalding police station is closed, offenders will have to be transported elsewhere.

All in all, it would be one mass inconvenience and, like so many governmental cutbacks, the innocent will suffer while irresponsible proprietors of drinking establishments carry on profiting.

The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of this government, the district council and the county council, all of whom make policies unfit for purpose.

So Mr Hayes,what are you going to do to put right the ongoing mess your Government inherited from the last bunch, and when will the leaders of both the district and county councils finally wake up to their responsibilities and rid Spalding of its drink and drugs problems?

I’ll bet none of you three will come into print and respond to this letter. I’m sure we’d all love to see what side of the fence you are on.