Throwing down some bait to those who plant the river bank

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The fishing season is upon us and the fracas will once again occur between residents on Surfleet’s Seas End Road, who have no claim to the river bank but think they can eject the public, because, “we don’t plant this up for you lot to come along and destroy it”.

That lot being the ones that actually pay, through the rod licence, to use it.

The bank is not directly adjacent to private property therefore residents do not have riparian rights and only have access rights to any landing stage, for which they will, hopefully, have planning permission for. But not any paved steps cut into the flood defence, which the bank is.

With coarse fishing becoming more popular it is time for the Environment Agency, without having to fight for the information, to make clear which stretches of water are open to the public.

Closing popular fishing spots to preserve the fish is not a good enough excuse when one considers the hundreds of pound spent on fish-friendly bait.

Getting a bit of plastic in return for my £27 does not seem much of a return if someone thinks planting unnatural and exotic flowers removes my right to access.

Roy Sell

Surfleet Seas End