Thought for the week: With a true heart put things in God’s hands

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It was a summer’s day and we were flying a vintage plane from RAF Cranwell to Old Warden, where many historic aircraft are kept.

We were a few miles away when we began descending and then it happened.

Something all pilots dread – the engine stopped.

John swore loudly and as the most experienced pilot he had to be the one at the controls for whatever happened next.

We radioed our plight to others.

I could do little but encourage my friend and keep a good look out and pray.

My prayers were of the simple “please God help” variety that many say in times of panic.

The ground came nearer and the little airfield was ringed by crowds and parked cars and anxious faces looking up.

It was now down to John’s skill and God’s grace.

We lined up for the grass strip, just cleared the hangar roof and bumped safely down onto the grass.

John’s words of relief were stronger than mine, but I thanked God with all my heart for a safe landing.

I have always believed prayer works, and just simply but with a true heart putting things in God’s hands.


Priest of the Gosberton Group of Parish Churches