THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: What have the Christians ever done for us?

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ONE of my favourite films is Monty Python’s Life of Brian. In one of the scenes, when a revolutionary group ask: “What have the Romans ever done for us?” they come up with a list of all the good things that the Romans have done: roads, health, clean water etc.

I often feel that this is what people want to ask of Christians. What have the Christians ever done for us?

In a time when we as Christians seem to be being told to “keep quiet” that “it is nothing to do with you”, “you’re mad anyway” etc, that people have forgotten what a social conscience is, that Christians have, and still have.

Well what have the Christians ever done for us? Hospitals, schools, support of each other, laws, care of the elderly and vulnerable, have all come about through the work of Christians, and even today a lot of work is done quietly by Christians, food banks, day centres, Fairtrade, looking after the homeless and a lot more. Where would we be without all of this work by Christians? All because our love of God calls us to love others.


Spalding and Bourne United Reformed Churches