THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: What debt of love?

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WHAT debt of love? We remember in November but should we be beholden to anyone? Our, so-called, civilised culture has taught us to cut loose from the things of the past, not to be fettered by them: “you must let go and move on!” Family, community and nation can all be dismissed in this one breath.

Debts are normally thought of as past events which spoil our present and future. “Oh, to be debt free!” we sigh. On the other hand, the debt of love ought to be invigoratingly humanising rather than destructively de-humanising: “I owe you my life!” or “I owe my career to this friend” for example. Furthermore, ‘I owe to thee, my country’ is soon followed in Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice’s stirring hymn by ‘And there’s another country’ in reference to Christ’s Kingdom.

Humanity without Christ’s love descends into evil. Jesus said, ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’. There is no greater love than his, as we see in his death for us. We owe many a debt of love, but to the Lord Jesus, a debt of love that eclipses anything or anyone else.


Long Sutton Baptist Church