Thought for the week: What and where is the United Reformed Church

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Since I have arrived in Spalding, just over two years ago I have often been asked what and where is the United Reformed Church, well the United Reformed Church is the union of four Churches, the Congregational Church, the Presbyterin joined together in 1972, then was joined by the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ, and in 2000 was joined by the Congregational Church of Scotland.

We are the smallest of the main stream churches, but never the less we play an important part of the life of all Churches in Great Britain. Our history dates back to 1662, and we look towards people such as John Knox, John Calvin, Martin Luther as well as many others who has helped to shape our theology.

The day to day life of the church is about caring for others and the environment, through worship, community outreach and playing our role in society. As for where the church is in Spalding, we are on Pinchbeck Road, near the junction with New Road. Our present building was built in 1823, first known as the Independent Chapel, then as the Congregational Church, which has had a very active congregation since that time, with many of its members playing a part in the life of Spalding.

Rev Robert Sheard

Minister Spalding and Bourne United Reformed Church.