THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: We should keep our eyes open

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Sometimes as I walk around the town centre, I find that some people do ignore me (which is not easy as I am not the smallest of people).

People walk in front of me in queues, push past me without saying excuse me, and on occasion I’ve been run over, or been bumped into by a pram. I would like to think that not everyone is like this. Where has common courtesy gone? But this gets me to thinking how often we all walk around not noticing anything.

As for me as a Christian I am looking and noticing all of God’s creation.

This was brought home to me the other day when I walked down an old railway near to where I live and saw at least five different sorts of butterflies.

When I see a sight like this I always feel that the world cannot just come into being, without some great creator behind it.

How often do we not really not look at things as we walk around? We miss out on the beauty of buildings if we do not look up, or the nature that is all around us and the smile of a passing person to cheer our day.

Rev Robert Sheard

Spalding and Bourne United Reformed Church