THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: We must learn from our mistakes

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DID you make a New Year’s resolution, this year? Was it to get fit? To lose weight? Stop biting your nails? Or was it something else, and now that we are at the of January how did you do, maybe you only lasted a day or two, or even a week, or have you made it to the end of the month, did that one slip make you stop or did you try again?

The great thing about a Christian, is that our resolutions do not need a special time of year to start, and if we slip from it, we can just start again.

Christians believe that if we get things wrong God gives us the opportunity to start again, and there is no limit to how many times we start again. We are all human and do get it wrong, but we must learn from our mistakes, however small they may seem, or however easy it is to give up, like we do with our resolutions.

Rev Robert Sheard

Minister Spalding and Bourne United Reformed Churches