Thought for the Week: We have cause to celebrate every day

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It is perhaps strange to have a Quaker contribution when everyone’s mind seems to be focused on Christmas, since we are probably the only Christian community in town who won’t be having any kind of gathering on December 25.

We meet regularly at 10.30am every Sunday and can see no reason to vary that near the end of the year.

The reason is not that Jesus was probably born in September rather than December – so what is so special about December 25? – but what the birth of Jesus means.

We believe that by becoming human and living an everyday life in the person of Jesus, wonderfully and mysteriously God transformed humanity completely and for all time.

So it is not that one baby is special but that every baby is special, whatever its surroundings; we have something to celebrate and give thanks for every day; the possibility of peace on earth must be prayed for and worked out in real situations in the real, raw world, not just in a religious setting; and the Christmas message belong to not a time of year but the whole year. What’s more, all the tinsel and turkey are far less important extras.

So let us wish each other daily all the blessings of Christmas, next week and on into 2013.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting