THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: To doubt things is only to be human

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To doubt is to be fashionable and acceptable ever since the philosopher Descartes expanded his classic theory through doubt –“ I think therefore I am” – some 250 years ago.

In doubting we show ourselves to be human, going back to essentials.

It also challenges our assumptions, shakes us out of complacency and apathy, it makes us re-evaluate and re learn.

Doubt encourages us to step out of our comfortable boxes and strive to step forward.

St Thomas whose saint’s day is today was one of Christ’s disciples and gives encouragement to those who won’t accept anything at first glance.

Thomas was not present when the resurrected Christ first appeared to his disciples and he was incredulous that it had happened.

Thomas stated to his friends that unless he put his hands in the holes of the nails then he would not believe.

A week later Jesus appeared again and Thomas saw and believed.

Doubt can bring us hope so don’t worry if you doubt and remember that Jesus told Thomas how blessed were those who believed without needing the evidence before them.

Fr Jonathan Sibley

Vicar of Long Sutton St Mary, with Lutton and Gedney