THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Time our media was brought to account

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The revelations about abuse of young people by well known celebrities have shocked us and made us angry and we ask how these things could ever have been allowed to happen when others were aware at the time.

Why did many keep silent? Some are now considering anew if it is time to look at the whole question of standards the media, both TV and films embrace today.

For years boundaries have been pushed back in terms of sex and violence, with excuses being made that viewers can choose to watch or not.

Young people and vulnerable adults inevitably see them. Murderers have admitted that films have influenced them to commit their crimes.

There is enough evidence to show that the media influences how we are, not just reflects it.

Faith in God means we are challenged to change our ways of living and also challenge the world we live in.

It also helps us interpret the signs of the times and what they mean. Now is the time to think deep and hard and consider what sort of world we want.

The first Christmas gave the world inspiration to change for the better.

May this one do so too.

Ian Walters

Parish Priest of Gosberton