THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: The athlete who put God first

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Do you remember Chariots of Fire, the true story of Eric Liddell who would not race on a Sunday, even when he could win Olympic gold, because it was ‘the Lord’s Day’?

Nowadays this would probably be called ‘countercultural’, or just plain silly.

Who could be held back by such an idea?

Imagine the fame, the glory, the sponsorship deals, the careers – all squandered on a point of religious principle.

If he were here I think he would point out that there are issues at stake more important than all these appealing things. He saw all he had and all he could do as given by God; his response was to honour God in all his life-choices and, if that meant doing without something, so be it.

All the choices we make reveal the values we have or, put another way, they reveal what we actually believe – our religion, if you like.

If we make our own comfort, security, popularity and convenience our highest priority then surely that is our religion.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting