THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”, Exodus 14:13

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I grew up in a Kenyan village called Kichaka Simba, which means, “The Forest of Lions”.

When I was six-years-old, one day my sister and I were walking to school when suddenly a lion crossed the path a few metres in front of us. We froze in fear and did not move an inch. The lion looked at us, and walked away. We stood there for few seconds, then ran back home. Experts on lion behaviour told us, it did not attack us because we made no move to run away.

As I reflect on this incident, I am reminded of the words above that the Lord spoke to the Israelites, after they had left Egypt when Pharaoh’s army pursued them. Fear encompassed them, behind was the mighty army, and in front was the Red Sea, surrounding them were the mountains; they were surrounded on all sides.

At times we feel surrounded by obstacles, and we feel can’t make a move because of the risks involved. At such times, I encourage you to learn to be still, and calm knowing the Lord is with us.


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