THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Reflection on Trinity Sunday

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LAST Sunday was Trinity Sunday, the only festival of the Christian year which is associated with a doctrine rather than an event – the doctrine that we know and experience the one God in three different ways.

On first sight it perhaps looks as if Christians believe in three Gods who, as it were, divide up the job between them, like the chairman, secretary and treasurer of an organisation, but of course it isn’t quite like this.

The doctrine of the Trinity tells us that he who lives above us as God the Father, and beside us as God the Son, lives also within us as God the Holy Spirit.

God is the creator and sustainer of all things, who we glimpse in the vastness of the night sky and in the many wonders of nature. And he is the purpose, love, and power which are revealed to us in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus, who taught with supreme integrity and authority. And he is the Spirit who spoke by the prophets, visited the disciples with explosive energy at Pentecost, and who awakens us to, and helps us to strive for, everything that is good and honourable and true.


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