THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Navigating your way through life

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I was once a navigator in car rallies. It began when a friend discovered I excelled at reading maps, and as he was a keen rally driver needing a navigator, the rest was history.

Map reading whilst hurtling down forest tracks at awesome speed, and in the middle of the night was a real challenge.

Years later I resisted getting a satnav, but eventually my children bought me one for my birthday, and I admit it comes in handy, especially for long journeys or going through unfamiliar towns, so now I’m a convinced user.

I remember in the early days of satnavs seeing a lost long distance coach mistakenly being guided by one down a farm track, so I’m still careful in using mine!

Navigating your way through life today is a real challenge as there is so much conflicting information available about everything to do with life.

Many sadly take a wrong turn. Sometimes our friends are not the best source of advice. My life was transformed when I discovered that the writings about God and Jesus in the Bible really were a reliable road map through life, and could help me end up in the right place!

Ian Walters

Vicar of the Gosberton Group of Parishes