THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Mum will know and be grateful

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day or, using an earlier name, Mothering Sunday, the first day since September when farmers used to let their young hands go home for a few hours with mum; and they took flowers as a gift, all they could afford.

Times were hard then.

As we all know, nowadays it has become big business, with treats and luxuries a multi-million boost to the economy.

These developments are certainly not bad in themselves and often touching and fun, but my thought for you this week asks what is the best kind of gift you can give.

We all know that parenting can be a joy and delight, thank God, but at other times it can be as tough as it gets, when sticking at it is the very last thing you want to do, and you are worn out and running on empty.

You long for a quiet night, or enough food on the table for you to have your fill as well as the rest of the family, or a break from repeated washing up, or just a kind smile instead of being taken for granted.

The best kind of thank you shows you are aware of all that your parents have given you, and that you care enough to pay them back in kind.

It might cost you money, or time, or convenience, or dignity, like it cost them in the first place, but that is the thank you that really counts. They, and particularly Mum, will know, and be grateful.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting