THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: May the sun shine on you today

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What does being ‘religious’ really mean? It has probably got something to do with going to a church (or temple or mosque), but that can often become just habit, or just your job.

Or it can be linked with living well, though we all know good people who would run a mile from being thought religious.

Or how about being baptised, confirmed, or having a church wedding or funeral? Well, maybe, but sometimes that feels little more than custom and tradition, something you get out for special occasions, like a best suit or white tablecloth.

However, perhaps it has more to do with what you know, deep down, about yourself and where you truly belong.

Like discovering not the earth but the sun is the centre of the universe, being religious means realising that we are not the centre of our own universe and that we depend on something far greater than ourselves for everything we need.

That may sound hard to take, but when you also find that that something is much like Someone, Someone wonderful you can get in touch with and to whom you are vitally important, then it all looks very different, like the sun breaking through clouds.

May the sun shine for you today. Don’t we all need it!

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting