THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Look kindly on our new street pastors

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Have you ever been lost, really lost, or have you ever lost something really precious…?

Being lost means losing your way, your bearings and sense of direction, and your security. Travellers and explorers choose to risk getting lost, but few of us actually like being that far out of our comfort zone. And the same is surely true of losing what you’d much rather hold on to: it could be friends, your job, your good name, your virginity, your peace of mind, your self-respect, sometimes even your marriage and your children. But yet we know it happens, often after nightfall, and often after drinking. Go into any town-centre late in the evening, and there’s a lot of loss about.

If it has happened to you, what you probably want is help to stop you falling even further apart. You don’t want someone judging or condemning you, or trying to push their ideas at you: instead, you need someone to pick you up, and set you on your own right path.

Tomorrow evening Spalding will for the first time have its own dedicated team of street pastors to do just that. They will be there for people they meet, not pushing themselves but on hand if requested and doing their best to provide what is needed then and there.

If you are out there and you come across them, look kindly on them: they are there for you if that would help.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting