THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Life’s just like Strictly really...

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How many of you, like me, are avid Strictly Come Dancing fans?

Here we see people learning a new skill – some find it easy others find it difficult. Each one placed with a partner who knows what they are doing and is there to instruct, teach and guide.

As we watch we see those who seem to pick up the dance steps very easily and those who struggle. We see frustration, anger and laughter as they practise over and over again. How often have we heard them say “I know what I should be doing but I just don’t seem to be able to do it.”

Then all of a sudden things fit into place. The judges give comments, sometimes good and others harsh. How like life this programme is. There are times when as we try to live out our lives and we find the steps difficult, comments from some around may be hurtful.

Jesus came to this earth to live his life and he is here to guide and teach us. We need to listen and put our trust in him. His instructions are there for us to read over and over again. He is our core being and as we hear the judges say: “Get the core right and things will be good.”

Rev Barbara Hutchinson

Whaplode Parish Church