THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Let us thank God for all the heroes

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We all see the pictures on television of the effects of storm and tempest in countries across the world, but it is when it comes to Britain that we really begin to understand what it is all about.

I say begin, because the storms of the past week with the rain and gale force winds are not really as bad as many people suffer in some of the poorer parts of the


When the storms struck East Anglia last week, there was condemnation of the power supply companies for taking too long to restore power to some customers, who had been off for 36 hours.

Please remember the sterling work being done by the staff who climb poles in terrible conditions to reattach cables, having first removed the trees that caused the problem, and ask yourself if you could do it.

Better for a delay in power restoration than a life lost surely.

Instead of complaining, let us pray for the safety of such heroes, the power workers, road gritters, nurses and doctors, fire, ambulance, and lifeboat staff, who go out in all weathers, to help keep us safe.

Let us thank God for them all, because we never know when we may need their help.

Pastor Ross A Dean,

Fleet and Sutton St James Baptist Churches