THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Let’s pray for peace in poor Syria

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O Syria! Over one million refugees, mainly women and children, are fleeing the country.

The UK is to send body armour and armoured vehicles to the rebels.

A former foreign secretary asks why we’re not simply arming the rebels.

Of course the situation is complex, not least because of the perceived Christian west seeking to influence and interfere, but for how long should the world stand by helplessly and watch? What can we do?

Christians are praying, of course, and acting also, in trying to forward humanitarian relief for the refugees. The Christian Aid slogan is so apt: “We believe in life before death.”

Moreover, our good news is about one who, with his family, were refugees themselves from Herod, a ruthless despot.

Jesus knew suffering for us, the message of hope being that there is life beyond the grave for those who put their trust in him.

His followers were to care for the poor and the dispossessed and tell others about new life in Jesus Christ.

So, let us do what is possible to help others in need and pray that God, for his part, would do the impossible and bring peace to that country.

Rev Nic Hasnip

Long Sutton Baptist Church