THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Just how much do you care?

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I handed out a survey to young people for St Valentine’s Day inviting them to vote on a scale of one to ten as to how much they loved things.

Their class teacher varied from nought to ten, their love of themselves from about six to ten, and the PM scored an impressive zero.

The results seemed to show they felt a deep lack of respect and love from many people.

The man who has had more respect and love than anyone in the whole of history is a true revolutionary.

That’s why the establishment of the day disposed of him. What happened next was miraculous proof it had not worked and people’s lives changed in an extraordinary and unstoppable way that even national boundaries could not restrain.

In the past 100 years, Russia and China, both nations that tried to completely stamp out faith, are now seeing enormous church growth, and interestingly are emerging as new wealthy super powers, whereas Britain is shrugging off its religious heritage and leads the world in bad news.

Believers should never meet to worship, break bread and pray because they support “the establishment” but because they want their founder to live on in them forever to challenge and change the world.

Ian Walters


Gosberton Group of Churches