THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Jesus, Mary and Joseph also refugees

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Another refugee boat sinks in the Mediterranean. The images horrify us.

Was it Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, who said “desperate times require desperate measures”, probably borne of his own desperation in attempting cures that seemed impossible?

Who can blame these refugees for escaping tyranny perhaps, or abject poverty?

The lesser of two evils means giving up their savings, and probably those of close family too, risk their lives and going, in the hope of finding a better life for them and earning money to send back home.

The infant Jesus, his mother Mary and Joseph became such refugees, to escape Herod’s death squads, their mission being to murder all boys under two years of age in and around Bethlehem.

Is God still present, and can he care?

I recall the story of a man who went visiting a friend in the local work house, many years ago, standing at the door of this hell-hole and asking the same. Then he heard, so it seemed, God speaking to him and saying “I am here, even here. I have not forsaken these people.”

Jesus is God’s pledge of his presence and love: “I’ll never leave you, nor forsake you.”

Revd Nic Hasnip

Long Sutton Baptist Church