THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: It could be us...

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I cannot think how many times I have said recently: “Thank God for the drains, for the engineers who planned them and the navvies who dug them.”

The storms are raging around our coasts and here we are at little more than sea-level, yet the dykes, sluices and sea-banks we have inherited are so effective that Spalding is as good as high and dry.

Or security: “Thank God that we are not caught up in war, like the people of South Sudan, the Congo, Syria, Iraq or wherever.”

Or extreme temperatures: “Thank God we are not having to endure the kind of cold affecting the States, or the heat many parts experienced this last summer.”

Or starvation or malnutrition: “Thank God we have what we need readily available, unlike billions in other regions.”

For all these blessings, and many more, yes indeed, let us thank God.

But then what? The great temptation is to say: “Lucky us, drawing a long straw; let us eat, drink and be merry.”

However, that just cannot be right, can it. If ‘common humanity’ means anything it tells us that we belong to each other, so that what happens to others touches ourselves.

Even though those affected may seem distant from us, culturally, racially, economically, religiously or just geographically, their needs are real and urgent. So let us do what we can to help. It could be us next time…


Spalding Quaker Meeting