THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Inviting reflection on life’s big questions

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TWO of my special memories as a boy and an early teenager are England winning the World Cup in 1966 and Apollo II landing on the moon in 1969.

It was a magical, exciting and historic time and many of you who are a similar age to me will, I’m sure, be able to recall many of the England squad by name, as well as the names of those first moonwalker astronauts.

So here I am some 43 years later, aware that many of my boyhood heroes are sadly no longer still alive, inviting you to be reflective with me for just a few moments about some of the big questions in life like “Is there any reason or purpose to our existence?” or “Is there life after death?” as well as some of the smaller questions like “Will England ever win the World Cup again – ever?”

For me, as a Christian, the bigger questions are actually the easiest ones to answer.

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Now, about that other question…..


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