THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Hospital stay was humbling

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During March I spent a few days in hospital. Why mention it? Because I had not been into such a place since I was a young boy – a few years ago now!

I found the experience humbling. I as a Baptist Minister was the one used to visiting others, not being visited as the patient, and I was grateful for the love and kindness of family and friends.

It also made me grateful for the staff who work within our hospitals, not least the first-class treatment I received at Peterborough City Hospital.

As a Christian I was reminded that the Lord is with us not simply at work, home or at church but that He is with us wherever we are, hospital included, that His promise is true ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you’.

I was glad too of the Gideon New Testament and Psalms in the locker, taking the opportunity to read and enjoy the Scriptures without thinking of preparing a sermon as well!

It was only a few days I was there; but how coming home was so good, back to the familiar.

I learnt a lot!

Rev Anthony Walker

Minister of Spalding

Baptist Church