THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: His promises a source of comfort

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On reaching the age of 21, my late mother told me: “They go in tens now dear.”

I considered she was talking rubbish and politely told her so. How wrong I was, and how right she was.

As I approach my 77th birthday in the New Year and see another Christmas coming, I begin to value my time and wish the clock ticking my life away would slow down. Some hopes! If anything it seems to go even faster.

I ask myself, am I afraid of death? Does the thought of old age and infirmity fill me with dread and apprehension?

It would be a grave person who stated that neither of these prospects worried them.

And yet the coming of the Christ child at Christmas once again, and the promises He was to make for us during His lifetime, should be a source of comfort for us: “Behold I am with you always till the end of time”, and to the repentant thief crucified alongside Him, “This day you will be with me in Paradise.”

This Christmas put your trust in the Christ child in the manger and once again renew your faith.

Times of Christmas service in local churches can be found on the Churches Together in Spalding and District website www.ct

Mike van der Weyden

St Norbert’s RC Church, Spalding