THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Have a lazy day once in a while

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I have just done something that I don’t very often do and that is have a lazy day. As we sat out in the sun we spent time reflecting. Why, you may ask?

It is my dad’s birthday and I won’t mention how many years young he is but let’s just say he is at an age where he deserves to take things easy. There have been many changes in his and my lifetimes. Many achievements have been made with everyone using their talents to improve things for those around them. As we get to the end of today (Sunday) we will also be looking back at the achievements of all those who have taken part in the Commonwealth games. There have been people from many countries, working and competing and living together, some of them have been fortunate enough to go home with medals, others with the pride of taking part and there will be those who helped to make the event run smoothly. Each one of them will have used their talents. Talents given to them by God and nurtured by those around them.

We may not be good enough to compete in such events but we do all have our own talents that we can use. We can help and support those we meet in our daily lives. Perhaps we should all have a lazy day from time to time to think about the changes we have made and how we can best use our talents.

Rev Barbara Hutchinson

Whaplode Parish Church