THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: God can help you get through the storms

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THERE is a way of looking at life that can transform the way you are. Like all of us I have suffered some really difficult times, and was encouraged years ago by someone saying: “There is nothing that you and God between you cannot do.”

That thought has stayed with me. Believing that God always wants the best for you, can change your life. Then I read that because God will never want me to be in the position of not being able to look back and praise him, I can believe I will always be thankful in the future and thus the problems will come to an end one day and better times come.

Bad things always happen, but you will certainly be an overcomer, and stronger for it too. One further thing. Faith and hope can change your circumstances.

The bow of a ship points upwards and thus always gets through the bad storms at sea. The front of a submarine points downwards as it’s designed to sink below.

Keep looking up to God whatever you do and you will find that life may not be trouble free but you can get through the storms.


St Peter and St Paul’s

Church, Gosberton