THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Give groceries to show we care

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I have only been out of work for six months in my life. It was the winter of 1980. When I moved to Lincolnshire, I did some casual work on a potato harvester. When that came to an end, I started with a land-gang. I am ashamed to admit that I lasted barely a day and a half; I was not used to that level of physical work. There were no other jobs available - my Oxford degree made no difference - and I felt miserable and useless.

We are again living in tough economic times. To save money, the Government is planning to cut the support given to those who are not in work. Whatever the merits of the economic arguments for doing that, I hope that we can all put ourselves in the shoes of those who are going to be hit by this. Life will be harder for them.

The Agape foodbank, run by the Lighthouse, has made a difference to hundreds of local people in crisis since it started two years ago. Giving some groceries is a simple way of showing that we care about each other, and we really are all in this together.

John Bennett

Vicar of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding